The 30-Day Course Launch Challenge by Design Hacker Inc

The 30-Day Course Launch Challenge

A guided 4-week program to help you sell your course on Facebook without running ads.

Why do most course launches FAIL?

Too Spammy

Blasting out a "buy now" link can be seen as spammy and may hurt your brand. Your sales page is the LAST thing people should see. You first need to get attention, spark interest and create desire before sending someone to your sales page.

Too Complex

Conversion tracking, split testing, email tagging and ad targeting are all powerful strategies if you already have a thriving business, but they are NOT required to make your first 100 sales. In fact, wasting time on advanced strategies can kill your momentum.

Too Vague

Your customer is HOPING that you have a solution to their problem... and chances are, you do! But if you aren't able to communicate effectively, then you may be ignored. Effective marketing requires clear communication at each step of the process.

Launching your course shouldn't require a complex sales funnel. We'll help you keep it simple, social and fun so you can make more sales faster.


You have a course ready to sell but no strategy or action plan to help you attract customers.


You have built a simple sales funnel and have launched a social promotion to sell your course.

We'll show you a simple launch strategy that has been used by top online earners to produce 6 and 7-figure course launches.

Complete your first launch in 4 weeks and gain the experience to launch over and over again.

Over the span of 4 weeks, we will give you bite-sized action steps to setup your sales funnel & launch a social promotion to sell your course.

What's included?

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Getting Started
Welcome to the 30-Day Course Launch Challenge!
4 mins
Week 1: Create Your Attraction Plan
Get your editable worksheet
9 mins
1: Success mindset
16 mins
2. Product clarity
8 mins
3: Sales deadline
16 mins
4: Free content
18 mins
5: Market research
8 mins
Bonus: Clarity Meditation
11 mins
Week 2: Design Your Free Offer
Week 2 Overview
2 mins
1: List the deliverables
34 mins
2: Describe the benefits
15 mins
3: Choose a name
4 mins
4: Create the graphics
6 mins
Week 3: Set Up Your Delivery System
Week 3 Overview
4 mins
1: Plan Your Group
19 mins
2: Build Your Group
38 mins
3: Create Podia Product
18 mins
4: Make Promo Graphics
29 mins
5: Grow Your Group
13 mins
6: Engage Your Group
18 mins
Week 4: Complete Your Promotion
1: Sales System
12 mins
2: Prepare Content
9 mins
3: Deliver Content
18 mins
4: Close Sales!
43 mins

Step 1: Create Your Attraction Plan

  1. Decide the product you want to sell.
  2. Set your price & sales deadline.
  3. Set your revenue goal.
  4. Decide what free content you will give away to attract customers.

Step 2: Design Your Free Offer

  1. Outline the deliverables of your freebie.
  2. Describe the benefits of your freebie.
  3. Come up with a name for your freebie.
  4. Create a visual brand for your freebie.

Step 3: Setup Your Delivery System

  1. Create a free Facebook Group.
  2. Create a free product on Podia.
  3. Create your promotional content.
  4. Start your marketing campaign.

Step 4: Complete Your Promotion

  1. Finalize your sales system.
  2. Finish your marketing campaign.
  3. Deliver your free content.
  4. Close sales & follow-up with leads.

We will make sure you get this done.

This program includes:
★ Lifetime access to all the video trainings.
★ Exclusive templates & resources to complete the tasks.
★ 4 weekly live Q&A webinars to answer your questions.
★ 1 month of group support and accountability.

Sell Your Course On Facebook In The Next 30 Days.

1. Join The Challenge.

Sign up now to get access to our upcoming 4-week group program. The first week will start on January 13th.

2. Complete the assignments.

Use the video tutorials, templates, resources and group support to quickly complete the assignments.

3. Sell your course.

Launch a strategic social promotion to attract leads & sell your course on Facebook without running ads.

You've built your course. Make your hard work pay off... let's SELL IT and make some MONEY!

We'll show you how to implement proven strategies to sell your course on Facebook in 4-weeks without running ads. The skills that you learn in this program will help you grow your business for years to come.

Sell Your Course

Meet Your Guides: Andrew & Stephanie Lane

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs turn their expertise into a profitable online business that gives them more lifestyle freedom.

We have been building online businesses for the past 10 years and love to constantly experiment, learn and share our experiences.

Together, we have sold millions of dollars in online products for both ourselves and our clients.

Digital Product And Course Sales

Andrew Co-Founded a company called 22Social which sold over $2.5 million in digital products that helped entrepreneurs market & grow their business on social media.

Coaching Programs

As a consultant, Stephanie has helped her clients launch and run 6-figure online coaching programs. Her client list includes top-performing coaches such as Emily Utter, Melissa Kathryn and Joanna Turner.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Andrew has consulted on several successful 30-40 day crowdfunding launches:
• The Undress ($615,000)
• Hidrate ( $627,000)
• Munitio ($400,000)
• Jelly Skateboards ($100,000)

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